Understanding Why Narcissist & Narcissistic Men Cannot Love On Healthy Terms..

Narcissists are incapable of feeling love or empathy.

It is critical that you understand this.  They are stunted emotionally and never developed the feelings that make us uniquely human, such as compassion and love.

Healthy, well-adjusted children eventually grow out of the narcissistic stage. They grow out of it and learn to understand that others have needs as well. Unfortunately, not everyone grows out of this stage. If they were neglected or over-indulged, they become fixated in this stage, obsessed with getting their needs met at all times. This is where the Narcissist is stuck. He is stuck at age five and completely oblivious to the fact that others have needs or wants of their own.

The only feelings a Narcissist experiences are the primal, instinctive gut feelings we all possess in order to survive – Anger and Fear. We are all born with these instincts as they are critical to our survival (i.e. Darwin’s Theory). This also helps explain why when a Narcissist becomes upset, he rages, right? That’s because anger and fear are the only real feelings a Narcissist experiences.  Therefore, when he feels these feelings, watch out. This is no acting. This is true and authentic rage.

It is actually quite sad.  Narcissists are not able to experience the range of emotions we can.  They will never encounter pure joy, compassion or true love. Sure, they think they love you but that’s because they are dependent on you for survival, not because they are in love with you in any mature, adult or romantic way.

Let me be clear, you did mean something to the Narcissist.  You made him feel alive.  A Narcissist only spends time with people who inspire and excite him.  However, at the end of the day, a Narcissist is incapable of feeling genuine love and will inevitably move on in pursuit of new supply.  His attention is always fleeting and only temporary.  He is always looking for the next best high, like a drug addict.

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