Stories Of Survival – Surviving A Narcissist – The Path Forward

By: Becky Ruff Reed (Author & Survivor of Narcissistic Abuse)

In the midst of horrific anguish while freshly used, devalued, and discarded with the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel in my marital relationship, I voraciously devoured reading material searching for answers to my trek through the bowels of the Twilight Zone. I was lost, alone, and terrified by the turn my life had taken, leaving me emotionally devastated and financially decimated.

I stumbled onto a site with Lisa E. Scott’s book, and this became the turning point for my own self-redemption and healing. Lisa frees the confusion and offers a plausible and educated evaluation with the assignment of the term, narcissist. Ms. Scott shows herself to be a real woman of flesh and blood who struggled with her own angst in similar relationships and offers well researched data on narcissism peppered with stories of others falling into the dark abyss with this chameleon of a manipulator.

She takes you by the hand to allow each survivor reading her works a path of comprehension, knowledge that we are not alone, and the amazingly awe-inspiring feeling that we are not damaged goods who sought this painful excursion into an alien realm. Much more than this gift of hope and understanding are her accompanying blog sites filled with camaraderie and the deep and earnest desire to aid each other reclaim our self-esteem and lives.

Lisa E. Scott has another powerful book following the awareness of classification, The Path Forward. This manual clearly and effectively proposes essential steps for gradational movement into recovery. Lisa becomes a valued confidante and friend in our individualized journeys to dropping the shackles of fear and self-doubt as we painstakingly incorporate mental and emotional purging and growth.

With intellect, warmth, and heartfelt compassion, Lisa has touched my being and essence. The courage to broach the topic of narcissism beyond simple defined traits and to sound the alarm that these disordered presences cannot be redeemed and must be avoided for one’s sanity and productivity stands as her hallmark.

Her writings changed my perception of this dark territory and offered me a lifeline away from unaware therapists and unknowledgable friends and family whose judgments left me drowning in uncertainty. Lisa brings herself, her generosity of being, and her indomitable spirit to “ride shotgun” as she coaches us to reach for aid, trust our instincts, and to live fully and consciously.

She inspired me to write my own story. My life has been altered. I am no longer afraid and although not the same innocent I once was, I have the courage to stand for my convictions and to be fully myself, warts and all.

Whether or not romance enters my future, I am OK and look toward tomorrows with fresh discernment and even an eagerness. There is nothing to hide and no attempts necessary to fit someone else’s vision of me in a particular blueprint. Lisa’s works transformed my vision of being a desolate “sensitive” into one of personal strength and integrity, one step at a time. My gratitude is immeasurable.